Houston’s bay area gastroenterology works to reduce deaths from colon cancer, encourages early colon screening with advanced, less invasive and laxative-free virtual colonoscopy

The Gastroenterology Specialists of Bay Area Gastroenterology Utilize Virtual Colonoscopy; 3-D Computer Generated Renderings Eliminate the Need for Sedation

Houston – The Bay Area Gastroenterology consultants work to reduce the number of colon cancer deaths by offering patients a less invasive colon cancer screening option, Virtual Colonoscopy.

Among the first in the Bay area and greater Houston area to offer this new colon cancer screeningtechnology, the group of board certified gastroenterology physicians offer an accredited virtual colonoscopy, which eliminates the need for sedation during the procedure.

“Unlike a standard optical colonoscopy, a virtual colonoscopy creates a computer generated 3-D rendering of the colon – the newest techniques digitally removing stool without traditional cleansing. This revolutionary COLONOSCOPY WITHOUT LAXATIVES is likely to be approved for clinical use later. Traditional virtual colonoscopy like standard colonoscopy still requires a laxative preparation. The procedure is relatively pain free and does not require sedation,” said Dr. Ravi Mani, Bay Area Gastroenterology consultant.

“Colon cancer is a preventable disease yet the second most common cancer in the United States causing an estimated 60,000 deaths every year. We’re that hoping with this less invasive colon cancer screening option, we can encourage more preventative screening,” added Dr. Mani.

Covered by Medicare and insurance companies in 22 states, the virtual colonoscopy is quickly becoming a preferred alternative to standard optical colonoscopy – which the group continues to offer at their onsite Bay Area-Houston Endoscopy Center.

The gastroenterology consultants are part of Bay Area Gastroenterology in Clear Lake, which was the first Houston gastroenterology and endoscopy practice to offer office based accredited Virtual colonoscopy screening. They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments of the stomach, intestines, colon, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

The group offers virtual colonoscopy at their onsite, accredited Imaging Center.
And according to the gastroenterology consultants, it is proving comparable to a regular colonoscopy for larger colon polyps and colon cancer detection.

Contact Bay Area Gastroenterology at www.Gibay.com to schedule a consult. Or call 281-480-6264 for more information.

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