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The centerpiece of our weight loss method – an incomparable variety of over 60 delicious foods!
During the weight loss method, you will have the choice to eat from a variety of Ideal Protein foods that are easy to prepare and available in a variety of textures, tastes, and flavors. Whether you prefer salty, sweet, sour, savory, crunchy, smooth, hot, or cold, there is a choice that will satisfy everyone.

  • The Ideal Protein weight loss method: With the Ideal Protein weight loss method, you will not only see results, but also be empowered with valuable nutritional knowledge that will help sustain your results throughout your new lifestyle.


  • One-on One
    • Exclusively available from Ideal Protein approved Health Care Professionals.
    • Dedicated Coaches provide weekly support sessions and ongoing education/support.
    • Weekly personalized weight and measurement progress analysis.
    • Daily online support via the MyIdealProtein Portal, offering access to coaching, cooking and fitness videos.


1-Weight Loss234- Maintenance
  • To be followed until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved:
  • -3 Ideal Protein packets per day
  • +Vegetables
  • +Unlimited lettuce
  • +Dinner meal of your choice
  • (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Daily Snack)
  • To be followed for 14 days.
  • -2 Ideal Protein packets per day
  • +Vegetables
  • +Unlimited lettuce
  • +Lunch meal of your choice*
  • +Dinner meal of your choice*
  • Is a 14-day gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates and fats in the morning. Ideal Complete must replace protein food once daily.
  • -1 Ideal Protein packet per day
  • -1 Ideal complete
  • +Vegetables
  • +Unlimited lettuce
  • +Lunch meal of your choice*
  • +Dinner meal of your choice*
  • It is a two-tiered approach, with a structured 12 month stabilization period to help you maintain your weight loss success.
  • It’s time to enjoy the freedom of your new lifestyle and reap the added health benefits that come along with it.

*According to the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

    • Our medically designed weight loss method was developed in Europe 25 years ago.
    • Many of the following issues have been associated with obesity. Losing weight may help with the following conditions: Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Gallbladder Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, and Mental Health Problems.


Morgan Stewart
Wellness Coach